Welcome dear Friends!

We, the committee, would like to extend a warm welcome to you all for the 9th International Convention, Near the Waves in Kovalam, Kerala.

This year’s theme is "Life Saving Words".

Our program will include Speaker’s from across the World sharing their Experience Strength and Hope.

Old Timer’s and Young Timer’s will all have an opportunity to Share. Candle light meetings on the beach Friday and Saturday nights, Saturday evening is Party Time with live music and dance at a Beach Side Hotel.

Come and join us at this very popular holiday destination, registration is always kept to a minimum, this year it is Rs 1200 per person or $20 for lunch and snacks on Saturday and Sunday as well as the Saturday Evening party.

The Convention venue is approximately 3 km from the beach, with plenty of transport by rickshaw or bus to beach side, There is limited accommodation at the venue. Bookings are on first come first served basis. Alternative accommodation is either close by at Kovalam Junction, or selected venues on the beach.

There is no shortage of choices, and they are listed on our website for you to view and book yourselves. In the event of difficulties experienced when making bookings, assistance will be available (see the contact page).

Please come and join us, as your participation will hopefully enhance your sobriety, so you can carry the message of recovery to others.

Yours in Fellowship. The Convention Committee.


" I had the privilege of being sponsored by Hope to attend the 7th annual convention. The weekend was themed, “The Road to Happy Destiny” and saw AA members come from all over the world to celebrate their sobriety with each other in the beautiful surroundings of Kovalam.

During the weekend I attended meetings on the beach where I sat with fellow members, surrounded with the warm, flickering glow of candles, the sound of waves crashing gently in the background, stars above our heads. I sat and listened to members describing their journey in recovery, the ups and downs, the joys and pains, the miracles unfolding within their very lives. Incredible experience, strength and hope was shared and relished by all in a truly spiritual atmosphere which words simply cannot adequately describe.

There was a dinner and dance held where members really set an example on how to have fun in sobriety. The highlight was probably when the live band started playing Red Red Wine by UB40…..the irony of that moment had everyone of all ages laughing from their bellies, a moment which everyone shared, a moment that reminded us all of the miracle that sobriety is, and miracle of being able to truly live today! Thank you AA’s of Kovalam for this wonderful experience and a fantastic weekend, I will be back next year! " - Nishant